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Air Conditioning


We are experts in Air Conditioning cleaning, preventive maintenance and repair. Our professional A/C technicians will diagnose your air-conditioning system and solve any cleanliness or mechanical issues that they encounter. We provide a wide range of services from routine maintenance to full A/C system diagnostic, cleaning and sanitisation.

Eurogulf engineers deliver collaborative design, development, and construction of the most relevant projects in UAE. Find our right team of professionals for your project to be the most successful one.

  • Turnkey HVAC works for residential , commercial, industrial projects, individual villas, clusters villas,  warehouses, labor camps, schools, hospitals, hotels, cold rooms, ice plants, ships etc.

  • Services in this field include all aspects of Air conditioning

  • Installation of Chillers, Package Units, Ducted Splits, Split Units,FCU, AHU, FAHU etc.,

  • Fabrication & installation of Chilled Water Pumps, Chilled water piping, Balancing& Distribution networks,Valve assemblies, Drain piping, Ducting, Duct &Pipe insulation, Pipe Cladding.

  • balancing of C.W. distribution, and all related works.

  • We also carry out all works related to District cooling systems

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